What Doc Searls said

What Doc Searls said: “John C. Dvorak is one of the most interesting, informative and entertaining journalists in the history of the computer business. He is also something of a troll.” (Doc is referring to a flame-baiting column* bashing Creative Commons.)

*Sorry for the lack of a link to the column, but I make it a point not to actually point to Dvorak pieces that seem written primarily to attract incoming links.

One thought on “What Doc Searls said

  1. I’ll agree with the interesting and entertaining part, but not the informative part. One of the most uninformed columns I have ever seen is one he wrote about a month ago on RFID. Had he bothered to spend 15 minutes on Google and Wikipedia, he wouldn’t have written half of his column because he would have realized it was wrong. And they pay him to write this stuff?

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