Another day, another weekly celebrity magazine

Another day, another weekly celebrity magazine: This morning, when I knew I was going to be offline most of the day, I joked that one benefit of being offline was the chance to miss any announcement of a new weekly celebrity magazine. It was a joke. Really. I mean, on Monday we learned that the British celebrity magazine OK is coming to America. And on Tuesday, TV Guide announced it is morphing into a celebrity magazine. And now, today, The Toronto Star Ltd. announced that in October, it is launching a national magazine in Canada called Weekly Scoop for readers who are, according to this news story, “hungry for the news and views of celebrities.”

Stop it. I mean it.

Are our lives so pathetic and devoid of anything interesting that all we want to do is read magazines about celebrities?

Excuse me. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be ranting. I guess I’m just upset because my cable is out and my whole evening of TV watching got messed up.

Update: Come to think of it, I’ve decided I need more posts about celebreties. So, here’s a link to a Lloyd Grove piece about Judith Miller’s husband going on a cruise while she’s in jail. Now, that’s entertainment.

Update II: Hey, kids. Let’s have some more celebrity news. Mindy (Redneck Courtney Love) McCready is out of the hospital, but now her “overdose” is being described as a “failed suicide attempt.” Apparently, her fiancé William McKnight (no kin, I’m sure, to any blogger friend of mine who has the same last name) gave police her four-page suicide note. According to the journalists at, McCready’s financé, McKnight, “was arrested in Nashville in May on charges of attempted murder after he allegedly broke into McCready’s home in a jealous rage and beat and choked her until she was unconscious. Last month, he posted $130,000 bail and was released. The couple have apparently since reconciled.” Apparently.

Update III: I think when Mindy gets straightened out, she needs to come back to Nashville and maybe put an act together with Sally Anthony.