Obvious: Only 2% of survey respondents said “yes” when asked “Do you use RSS?

Here’s a suggestion to display how ridiculous it is to ask a layperson
anything like, “Do you use RSS?”: Walk up to someone on the street and
ask, “Hey, do you use the Interent?” When they say “yes,” ask, “So, do
you ever use HTML?”

Why not ask, “Would you like to have a page set up, say, on Google / (http://www.google.com/ig) or
Yahoo or AOL, where on that one page all the news from sources you want (and
on all the topics you’re interested in) will automatically appear as
soon as the news-source releases it — so you will never again have to
surf around to a bunch of websites looking for the information
important to you?”

(via: Steve Rubel)

One thought on “Obvious

  1. I couldn’t help but continue saying the same thing. There’s still people misplacing the word “blog,” such as Law & Order: SVU, which called a message forum a blog on an episode I was watching last night on rerun. Ho hum.

    What % of people know who their elected officials are? It seems like items like this are almost meant to discredit things, when meanwhile there are much more important and everyday things that the average person doesn’t know about.

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