Terry Heaton surveys Nashville bloggers about Channel 2’s efforts

Terry Heaton surveys Nashville bloggers about Channel 2’s efforts: 46 bloggers (including me) responded to a survey by Terry Heaton who has been working with Nashville’s Channel 2 (and SF’s KRON) on citizens’ media initiatives. This weekend, he posted some of his findings.


“Mainstream media that play in this space need to first understand that the blogging community doesn’t need them, and that humbling reality is what needs to guide strategies and tactics as they work to get involved. The Nashville blogosphere is now five times larger than it was when the station first began its involvement, and I think it’s safe to say they’ve played a role in encouraging that growth.

How? Simply by listening. Who knew?

Along the way, station personnel have discovered something they didn’t expect: getting to know the local blogging community is a lot more fun than you can possibly imagine up front. And frankly, folks, fun isn’t a word that’s been associated with local media for a long, long time. How do you put a value on that?