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Magazine News from Nashville: While I still post (and tag) magazine-related stories on the rexblog, most “launch” and “vaporzine” stories now only make it to (RSS). However, when a vaporzine has a Nashville connection, like Relish, that’s planned by the Publishing Group of America (the people behind American Profile), well, that’s like home folks.

The magazine, which will focus on food-related concerns such as cooking, diet, and entertainment, is expected to clock in with a circulation of some 6 million, gaining the status of a top-10 food title and surpassing the distribution of Conde Nast’s Bon Appetit, which has a newsstand circulation of 1.2 million. Newspapers will pay the Publishing Group of America on a per-issue basis to carry Relish. The move follows in the footsteps of the Publishing Group of America’s other newspaper-only offering, American Profile, which was launched three years ago and focuses on small-town American life. Distributed chiefly in low-population-density markets, American Profile recently added Hometown Promotions, a marketing and promotion scheme whereby the magazine is joined with direct marketing and syndicated content with the design of increasing retail activity in rural areas.

I — and several people who work at Hammock Publishing and read this weblog — have lots of good friends there and wish them well. It’s always great to see another major magazine project with some Nashville ties.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Rex. Tom helped me put the prototype together and he did a great job. Go to if you haven’t seen a cover yet. It could be big!

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