Best magazine covers since 1965

Best magazine covers – and the winner is: The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) is hosting a competition to identify and rank in order the 40 greatest American magazine covers of the last 40 years…“The goal of ‘Magazine 40/40’ is to honor the most memorable, influential, compelling and iconic American magazine covers, from January 1965 to the present…”

Prediction, an easy one, at that: I hate to make a spoiler announcement of the winner on the day they first announce the competition, but this is a no brainer. The most memorable, influential, compelling and iconic American cover (the Citizen Kane of magazine covers) is the cover of the April, 1968, Esquire Magazine.


3 thoughts on “Best magazine covers since 1965

  1. National Lampoon’s “Buy this magazine or we will shoot this dog” has a … chance.

  2. Two come immediately to my mind:

    The 1985 National Georgraphic with the girl with the striking, pained eyes from Afghanistan.

    And the 1990ish Vanity Fair with a pregnant Demi Moore.

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