Another Steve Baker fan post

Another Steve Baker fan post: Okay. Let me make this clear. Steve Baker (and his blogging partner Heather Green) work for a magazine that is about as old-media as it gets. Millions of trees are sacrificed each year so that people like me can hold that magazine in our hands. However, as I have said here and have told anyone who asks, if you want proof that an old-media reporter can be a great blogger on a corporate-owned weblog, Steve Baker is your poster boy. He has now displayed also that he can report on the printed pages of BusinessWeek a story about business blogging (on a topic I noted last week on the rexblog) that provides insight only someone who blogs everyday can muster. His article about‘s demise in this week’s issue is the best article I have ever read “in print” regarding a business blogging-related topic.

Update: B.L. Ochman blogs that Steve misquoted her in his article. And, of course, he immediately points to her post, even before checking his notes. It’s all a conversation.

Update II: Steve blogs that, yes, he did indeed misquote B.L. and that a correction will appear in next week’s magazine. B.L. is thankful and says (and I’m cutting and pasting her quote for accuracy), “I guess this blogging stuff really IS a conversation. It’s a public conversation that is both permanent and high stakes. When it works, it is a thing of beauty.” I am happy that two of the bloggers on my newsreader have so rapidly worked things out the blogger way.

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  1. They got this done without lawyers being involved? Man, watch out or the ABA will be on your cases.

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