Blogs as Google juice

Blogs as Google juice: Garick Van Buren (Work Better Weblog) says he started “blogging regularly about a 18 months ago because (he) wanted (his) Google presence to be more than a handful of stale message board postings.”
That statement caused me to test his theory by doing a vanity Google search using only my last name.

My last name, of course, is a word that is also the generic name of a swinging rope bed. More than 20 companies (including LLBean and Home Depot) pay Google for a keyword search ad to appear on the results page when my last name is queried. My last name, in a generic sense, is mentioned on about 1.5 million web pages. But when one types that word in a Google search, this webblog gets a rather startling high rank. And by extension, the company at which I work which shares my last name appears a few slots down.

However, I’d like to be clear about this: That’s not why I blog.

Side note: The URL that is the most obvious name for someone who sells that rope swing product goes to my company’s website (longtime geekness has its benefits). This fact is not lost on people who sell that product. They cannot understand why I don’t want to sell it to them.

Side, side note: A long time ago, I experimented with a rexblog affiliate store linked to a retailer of that rope swing product. I determined it was not, as they say, a viable business model for this blog.