Podcasting: David vs. Goliath?

Podcasting: David vs. Goliath? I guess the David vs. Goliath set-up makes for an interesting headline for this BusinessWeek story by Heather Green. But that’s not what the story is about. As Heather points out, there is so much more going on in podcasting than merely the “big guys” jumping in. Frankly, their showing up is only legitimizing and popularizing podcasting as “a distribution channel.”

The point is not that Goliaths are adapting the technology and platform at warp speed (we’re still only 10 months into to the “era of podcasting”). The point is that podcasting is an approach and platform that big media can take mainstream, but they cannot monopolize or regulate. They can play in this arena, but they can’t keep anyone out. They can use their mass and money to shout the loudest, but they can’t keep anyone from posting to an RSS feed that supports enclosures.

Perhaps, however, David vs. Goliath is the right metaphor. As a former student of theology (come to think of it, I actually graduated), I remember who won that fight.