I am not going to “citizen journalize” the breaking story out my window

A window-shot of the
news-story I’m not blogging.

I am not going to “citizen journalize” the breaking story out my window: This is a Nashville story, okay. My office is on the seventh floor of an 11 story office building that looks out over the Fifth-Third Bank on Murphy Road. The bank has just been robbed and according to our building’s security crew, the robber perhaps ran into the parking garage beneath our building. Now, if you are a robber and you rob a federally chartered bank, I’d suggest you not run into the building that (in addition to being home of the rexblog) is also home of the regional headquarters of the FBI. If I weren’t busy doing something else, perhaps I’d wander around the parking garage with my video camera looking for some robber-shots for channel 2.

8 thoughts on “I am not going to “citizen journalize” the breaking story out my window

  1. Rex, by providing the robbers advice…I assume the bandits are searching m.Technorati.com for ‘Nashville Robbery” on their Blackberry right now… you are “aiding and abiding’ a federal offense.

    Don’t worry, I’ve called the FBI in your building. They’ll be at your door in a few moments.

  2. Wow. I’m over in 3401 West End and we never heard a thing about this. I guess I should have been paying a little closer attention.

  3. I’m next door at Portland Brew, and I didn’t even hear about it until a customer told me. That bank has a huge lobby, so the person who robbed it was probably winded by the time they got back to the front door.

  4. So… did they catch the robber?

    Maybe it was really an FBI guy moonlighting as a robber and he was running into the building to change clothes so he could go investigate the crime.

    You have to admit, that would be a pretty good cover.

  5. Wouldn’t someone recognize him? He’d have to put on some of those stylish shades FBI agents always wear on TV…

  6. Amazing — talk about your hyperlocal blogging. Kevin, Chris and I are withing a few hundred yards of one-another and I never knew it. We could have “triangulated” the robber.

  7. sounds like Rex, Chris and Kevin need to meet at portland brew. they have wifi so you could continue to communicate via blog, im, etc.

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