How to write using stream of conversation

How to write using stream of conversation: (Update: The NY Times Op-ed piece referred to in this post is now online). Joi Ito shares how he wrote an op-ed piece appearing in tomorrow’s NY Times: “Initially, I had thought that I would only be able get this done if I disconnected my computer from the Internet. In fact, the Internet turned out to be a valuable resource in getting my head around my thoughts and then getting feedback from a bunch of eyeballs on the text.”

Here’s my observation about this new way of writing — an approach I share with Joi, but, unfortunately, don’t have some of his always on open channels (yet): I believe those of us who try to understand and interpret what is taking place when social media intersect with traditional media often place an emphasis on the idea that the article is the beginning of a conversation. However, reading Joi’s complete post, I’m reminded that an article (or post or story) comes mid-stream in the conversation. And, when one lives life within the context of a conversational river (as does Joi), the conversation becomes an extension (perhaps, an integral part) of ones mind, and thus, writing process.

(Sorry, this my be a little heavy or mcluhanesque for Saturday morning reading. I’ve finished my coffee and serious thought for the day. Now, I’m going outside to play.)