Blog jam or blog flood?

Blog jam or blog flood? FC Now, the group blog of Fast Company Magazine, is running its second annual “BlogJam,” a two-day blogfest during which they post a continuous stream of blog entries on leadership, innovation and related topics from participants they’ve recruited. (FC Company posts tagged “blogjam 2005“)

My favorite post so far is “Testing the Power of the Blog,” a smack-down challenge (start your stop watches) to see how long it will take Fast Company to change its site so that when one types ““* in a browser, it will actually make it to the website — now one must type in the entire address. Says “blog jam” guest blogger James Durbin, “It may seem like a small issue, but as an experienced netizen, I can’t stand typing “www” into an address bar to get the proper url.”

*If that link works, they’ve fixed it.

Update: In trying different browsers, I’ve noticed different results when attempting to replicate Durbin’s pet-peeve. It appears to be a browser specific glitch.

One thought on “Blog jam or blog flood?

  1. I think instead there is a browser specific workaround to the problem (it tries adding the www). You can test it by going to I know Safari does this and I think Firefox too.

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