Hostile names

Hostile names: When I see decisions like the NCAA ban on the use of Indian mascot names in post-season tournaments, it helps me understand how the same folks continue to say the football bowl-system makes sense to them.

What mascot name can the Florida State Seminoles use in post-season play? The FSU Panhandlers? The Shoplifters (oops, my UF family-ties are showing)?

Here’s my idea for a post-season substitute FSU mascot name: The Seminals.

3 thoughts on “Hostile names

  1. Are you really talking smack about FOOTBALL, guys? That’s okay. Maybe, if you’re lucky, some FSU player who is in the NFL will hire an ex-[insert your alma maters here] player to spell FOR him.

  2. And another thing, why doesn’t the Sierra Club can make Stanford stop using that tree as their mascot (which is actually not a bad idea).

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