John Jay Hooker running for governor

John jay Hooker running for governor: The Tennessean is reporting that John Jay Hooker, a Nashville lawyer and two-time Democratic nominee for governor, (and now a a blogger) plans to challenge Gov. Phil Bredesen in the party primary next year.


His fellow Democrat has been “awful” in his handling of TennCare and ethics, Hooker said, citing instances when Bredesen’s staff shredded sexual harassment files and handed out honorary trooper badges. And he faults the governor for accepting campaign funds from out-of-state donors and political action committees, a common fundraising practice. Hooker said he would raise taxes or impose a state income tax to keep people enrolled on TennCare. “I’m going to raise hell about this corruption and how he’s let down people who need TennCare, and I believe I’ll get a lot of votes,” Hooker said.

5 thoughts on “John Jay Hooker running for governor

  1. OK, whew. I feared my comment the other day on this blog was him interpreting what I said as a “grassroots movement” to draft Hooker for Governor.

  2. In past election efforts, Mr. Hooker may have experienced problems getting exposure as a perennial candidate…but now, he is armed with a blog and knows how to use it. I’m IN, just to see if his blog has an impact. ‘Should be an interesting ride.

  3. Nice. I met him at BlogNashville, and while I probably don’t agree with a lot of his views, I appreciated his candor and demeanor. He has nothing to lose, so he’ll at least make the race more interesting and probably more topical.

  4. A long time ago when I worked at a now defunct Nashville afternoon MSM (with whom I believe he once had a business relationship), JJH was pretty much dismissed as a sidelight to the main political goings on. He regularly scolded the MSM for this. A blog is a perfect way for him to make his presence felt.

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