Feeds at last

Feeds at last: Three words Google news feeds. Available in two flavors: RSS & Atom.

Update: It is with some irony that (as noted by Jeff Jarvis and me) yesterday, AP has shut down their headline feeds — or in some other way made them not work for many of us — at the exact moment Google is launching something that, after a few minutes of my experimenting with it, seems far better than what AP was doing. I’m sure AP’s decision was based on their conflict with the member media companies who felt AP was competiting with them. I guess they’ll get their wish now — AP won’t be competiting with them anymore. Note to AP members: Next time you hand Google such a gift, don’t wrap it up in such pretty ribbons and bows.

Update II: I figured Dave Winer wouldn’t be “giddy.” He and I share a lot of “ungiddiness” about several things Google has done. Unlike him, I use Google news so I am happy to get a feed of Titans news from them (however, it’s not showing me much I wasn’t already getting via Topix).

(via: Steve Rubel)

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  1. Finally! Having news alerts e-mailed to me never really interested me but having them as an rss feed! Ahhh, thank you Google! And thank you for bringing them to my attention – going to add them to my feed reader now.

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