I used to care

I used to care: When a “mainstream” pundit would spew stuff like this on why bloggers are not a threat to traditional journalists. I’m bored with explaining why such a columnist doesn’t get it.

Later: I’m sorry. One comment (actually several) could not go unanswered.


Even large cities and state capitals, except for those that are part of the media/government industrial complex, are relatively blog free. And it’s hard to see how that will change.

Here’s a blogroll of Nashville bloggers maintained by Brittney Gilbert of Nashvilleistalking.com. It appears to me to be changing by doubling every couple of months. The topics of those blogs range from 8th grade angst to nightlife to zoning (a topic the columnist says bloggers don’t cover). I know of a couple of local issues (for example, metro police unsuccessful attempt to add “audio monitoring” to public video survellance cameras) that were first brought to light by Nashville bloggers. So, it’s not hard for me to see how that will change.

3 thoughts on “I used to care

  1. Obviously the guy from the CS Monitor has no idea where to look for local blogs. Too bad. He’s missing out on some great discussion.

    Many communities have vibrant civic-minded blogs that discuss precisely the issues he thinks are not discussed. This one in Cleveland, Ohio for instance: http://www.brewedfreshdaily.com

    You just have to know enough about the Blogosphere to know where to look. You won’t find the local-focus blogs in the TruthLaidBear.

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