Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright?

Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright? Doc Searls points (depressingly) to this “news” story on a North Carolina ABC affiliate’s website:

Is Someone Stealing Your Internet Connection?

Someone could be stealing your Internet service right now – – and you would never know it. Thieves are using wireless technology to help themselves to your connection.

Now, compare that screed with a recent NPR interview regarding the same topic with the NY Times Magazine ethics columnist Randy Cohen, who said something like: “If you pay for Internet access somewhere (i.e., for your DSL connection) then you’ve made your contribution to the network. So, it’s okay to use free wi-fi you may encounter floating around. (However, don’t abuse your neighbor’s generousity by doing anything that may clog his or her bandwidth … and you’re a mooch if you don’t pay for access somewhere.)”

Switch off

Switch off: He’ll probably get sued for reporting
it, but Ryan Katz of
Think Secret says

Apple has switched its mind on launching a new mega TV ad campaign
featuring a new generation of Switchers — this time focusing on
individuals who’ve switched to a Mac because they first purchased an

Katz reports there were tensions on the set between the director, Errol
Morris (who did the initial Switch ads) and Apple corporate types. Mega
dollars were spent getting 60 switchers to LA and putting 30 in front
of the camera. But once in front of the camera, there was no Ellen



Nugatory: I have found my new favorite word, today’s Word of the Day: Nugatory. It’s from the Latin word, nugatorus (to trifle):

nugatory NOO-guh-tor-ee; NYOO-, adjective:
1. Trifling; insignificant; inconsequential.
2. Having no force; inoperative; ineffectual.

can think of so many ways to use it. Heck, it almost sounds like slang
– You’re so nugatory! What a nug! I feel so nugatory today. Man, what a nugatory first round draft pick!

Where has this word been all my life?

Best of all, I think it will make a great Technorati tag for posts like this one.

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Back when I played hockey at Harvard

Back when I played hockey at Harvard: (Updated to fix broken link) Staci has some “trust but verify” thoughts regarding a USA Today reporter who trusted but didn’t verify. Not even with a couple of Google searches.

Staci thinks the lesson here is not that “mainstream media” makes the same mistakes that bloggers are accused of, but, rather, it is a cautionary tale for journalists of all stripes, the “citizen” kind, as well as the MSM ones.


“…It would be morally and ethically nice if everyone checked out everything before they post it — and, in most cases, a quick check or a moment’s thought would be deterrent enough — it’s the journalist’s job to do it. Even so, anyone who abuses the reader/listener/user/viewer’s trust will lose it no matter what they call themselves.”

Observation: If a movie is made about the subject of the USA Today story, I suggest Vince Vaughn play the lead.