Two ASAE tidbits — association blogger meetup and day-job shout-out

Two ASAE tidbits — association blogger meetup and day-job shout-out: This is a slightly off-topic post, but I know there are a few folks who read this blog who are coming to Nashville this weekend for the big American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) convention at Opryland Hotel. A while back, Shawn Lea (who I recently noticed has made me an honorary Mississippian and whose blog, Everything and Nothing, would be on my top-ten list if I were brave enough to have one), started the ball rolling on having an association blogger meetup while several, well, association bloggers, are going to be in Nashville. If you’re attending the ASAE convention and would like to get together with some other association bloggers on Saturday night after the opening reception — in downtown Nashville away from the Opryland Hotel bubble for a few hours — please e-mail me (rexhammock (at) and I can send you the details. There are some folks with cars putting together transporation from the Opryland-geosphere to the meetup, and the wonderful folks at Opryland Hotel have a shuttle service to downtown, as well.

Oh, yes, the other ASAE tidbit. I want to give a big shout-out to the busy folks at my day-job, Hammock Publishing, who produced a custom magazine/guide for client Conferon Global Services and Hilton that is being distributed at the convention. It’s a guide for meeting planners and is about “room block management,” which, if you’re a meeting planner, can be a challenge. Look for it at the convention.

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  1. Thanks, Rex. And, I’ll admit, if I had to pick one blog, it would be Book of Joe ( (But you’d be a close second, I promise.) He’s just not your average Joe! 😉 I’m looking forward to meeting you and your fellow Hammoratians this weekend. (And I want a T-shirt. Bring me a t-shirt!)

  2. I updated my blog in honor of the occasion. I have eaten nothing but tomato sandwiches for weeks, leaving me little fodder for writing.

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