Make it stop

Make it stop: (From an AP story) “Adam (Pacman) Jones, the Tennessee titans’ top draft pick, responded Thursday to the men who accused him of hitting them at a nightclub by suing them on charges of conspiracy, defamation and slander.”

Observation: I’ve given up on him being a model citizen. However, after he makes a couple of interceptions or breaks away on a punt return, then, hey, all will be forgiven. Knock down a couple of Peyton Manning passes and I’ll be out there saying, “Give the guy a break. He’s depraved on account of he’s deprived.”

(rexblog flashback: first round idiot)

One thought on “Make it stop

  1. The Pacman saga is a symptom of our emerging from early NFL-city childhood into a normally tumultuous adolescence. Let’s hope it is NOT as tumultuous or as prolonged as Dallas’.

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