Back when I played hockey at Harvard

Back when I played hockey at Harvard: (Updated to fix broken link) Staci has some “trust but verify” thoughts regarding a USA Today reporter who trusted but didn’t verify. Not even with a couple of Google searches.

Staci thinks the lesson here is not that “mainstream media” makes the same mistakes that bloggers are accused of, but, rather, it is a cautionary tale for journalists of all stripes, the “citizen” kind, as well as the MSM ones.


“…It would be morally and ethically nice if everyone checked out everything before they post it — and, in most cases, a quick check or a moment’s thought would be deterrent enough — it’s the journalist’s job to do it. Even so, anyone who abuses the reader/listener/user/viewer’s trust will lose it no matter what they call themselves.”

Observation: If a movie is made about the subject of the USA Today story, I suggest Vince Vaughn play the lead.

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  1. Can you verify the link to Staci? I can’t trust you on what she says til I verify it for myself.

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