Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright?

Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright? Doc Searls points (depressingly) to this “news” story on a North Carolina ABC affiliate’s website:

Is Someone Stealing Your Internet Connection?

Someone could be stealing your Internet service right now – – and you would never know it. Thieves are using wireless technology to help themselves to your connection.

Now, compare that screed with a recent NPR interview regarding the same topic with the NY Times Magazine ethics columnist Randy Cohen, who said something like: “If you pay for Internet access somewhere (i.e., for your DSL connection) then you’ve made your contribution to the network. So, it’s okay to use free wi-fi you may encounter floating around. (However, don’t abuse your neighbor’s generousity by doing anything that may clog his or her bandwidth … and you’re a mooch if you don’t pay for access somewhere.)”

3 thoughts on “Thieves stealing? Or, ethically upright?

  1. Ha!

    These articles make me so mad. “Are Thieves Stealing Your Light?” You pay for the electricity… but maybe people are looking at a bus map from the light from your window, AND YOU’D NEVER KNOW!!

  2. Just wait until the Tennessean reads this NYT article and turns it in to a special report.

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