Pre-season blogging

Pre-season blogging: I typically don’t attend pre-season games, but enjoyed the match-up last night and the chance to see the younger players (which, with the Titans means most of them). As for the actual game, I agree with the headline on Jim Wyatt’s story in the Tennessean, it was a “feel good loss.” Lots of good sparks from the veterans, including a Keith Bulluck touchdoown interception and seeing McNair bounce up from a tackle was a welcomed sight.

However, here are some of the under-reported news from the game: I can never recall a fan actually losing one of those jumbotron games where they win $100 if they guess the game-day temperature or what the play of the week was. Last night, a fan couldn’t name the grown up Titan whose little kid picture was displayed on the big screen. As the kid had bright red hair and Peter Sirmon is the only starter with that color hair, it was a fairly obvious pick, but I guess the MC forgot to give the fan the answer beforehand as he missed it.

Second under-reported news. That guy in the middle of the 175 jazzercise “ladies” that were performing at halftime was Henry Walker, a Nashville attorney and former media critic for the Scene and perhaps the last person in the universe one would expect to be performing as the only male in the middle of 175 jazzercise ladies.