Nashville Krystals add free wi-fi

Nashville Krystals add free wi-fi: Actually, Krystals all over the south have added free wi-fi, but I seem to be doing Nashville news tonight, so I thought I’d keep it hyperlocal. By the way, I discovered this news via an RSS feed of notifications when new free wi-fi locations in Nashville are added to this directory maintained by a business that says it can help a free wi-fi provider profit from giving away free wi-fi. I guess that means ways in addition to getting me to drop by.

2 thoughts on “Nashville Krystals add free wi-fi

  1. I saw this sign on my neighborhood Krystal recently. Awesome!! It has got to be one of the first examples of free wifi in a low income area in Nashville. It is making me consider eating at Krystal for the first time ever.

  2. When I told my son about this news, he asked if that meant we’d be eating there now. I said no as I didn’t want my PowerBook to smell like grilled onions for hours.

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