Tiny bubbles

Tiny bubbles: Home prices surged 13.6% in the second quarter.

Observation: For the past year, predictions of a housing market bust have been a staple of the business press. Home buyers must not be reading the same stuff I do. Is there a bubble in the housing market? Or, is there a bubble in stories predicting how the housing market bubble is about to bust? I wonder which will collapse first?

6 thoughts on “Tiny bubbles

  1. Financial … commentator Dan Dorfman predicted the collapse of the 90s bullmarket for 5 or 6 years. He just never said exactly when, so he was right. Ditto those who said the tech bubble would pop.

  2. Good point. I remember Howard Ruff who travelled the country for 15 years predicting a coming depression — I think he’s selling health food now. I think he also predicted earthquakes in California, also. They’ll happen too, no doubt. One day. Timing is everything, I guess.

  3. As Jim Morrison so succinctly put it: “The future’s uncertain and the end is always near.”

  4. Not that Bill or Rex would care, but the newest Chemical Brothers CD has a great remix of Roadhouse Blues. It’s more for those of us who like that electronic music stuff…

    In true Rexblog fashion, I predict my home will not bubble or burst. I’ve checked my new “worth” given me by Metro’s tax assessors, and can assure you I couldn’t sell it for what they seem to think it’s fair to tax me for. Harrumph!

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