I can’t believe Steve Gillmor is giving away secrets

I can’t believe Steve Gillmor is giving away secrets: I find most non-residents of the blogosphere perceive it as something that takes up time, rather than saves it. I’ve decided to perpetuate that myth as I’ve come to believe it is a competitive advantage to have others in my line of work continue to slog through information overload and communication chaos while I speed-read through highly organized RSS news feeds, converse via gmail and IM and let bloggers I trust filter out the noise.

So I couldn’t believe it when I saw Steve Gillmor giving away such trade secrets as how he uses blogs & RSS to clear the fog and provide free time:

“Thanks to RSS, I let the Times and Journal feeds accumulate, then throw out the chaff periodically, then throw out the stuff I’ve already been pointed to in the Rojosphere, then throw out the stuff Michael Gartenberg thinks is important, then focus in on anything Jason Calacanis considers a threat to his business, then wash, repeat, and watch Big Brother.

Great, Steve. Keep that up and people will start figuring out why “simple” is RSS’ middle name.

Auto giants pushing for product placement in advertising press

Auto giants pushing for product placement in advertising press: (From AdAge.com) “A controversy over the editorial coverage of a big advertiser’s rock band has further unscored the behind-the-scenes war raging over product placement in print magazines.”

Fortunately for the advertiser, the AdAge RSS feed of this story included another placement of the product — as did the story — thus providing a multiplier effect of the original placement.

Vassar Clements, RIP

my son & Vassar, 4.20.03
Buddy Spicher, my son & Vassar, 7.30.02

A genuine Nashville (and national) treasure died today. If you don’t recognize the name, you’ve still probably heard his fiddle. For example, on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” (Or with Paul McCartney, Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, the Grateful Dead, Bruce Hornsby, Hank Williams Jr., the Byrds, Woody Herman, even the Monkees.)

That both of my children had the chance to jam with Vassar Clements on several ocassions is one of those gifts living in Nashville provides. With young fiddlers, Vassar was always eager to do what he could to insure the circle be unbroken.

His music will live on, not only through the vast number (over 2,000) of recordings he performed on throughout his life, but also through the play of hundreds of fiddlers he inspired and influenced.