Road to Rehabilitation

Road to Rehabilitation: (From the Tennessean) “The Titans and first-round pick Pacman Jones agreed in principle on a five-year contract last night and the cornerback could be on the practice field as early as today.”

Prediction (pick one): 1. By the third year of his contract, he’ll be the most popular Titan and parents will be dressing their little kids in Pacman Jones T-shirts. 2. By the third year of his contract, he’ll be in jail.

I’m hoping #1.

2 thoughts on “Road to Rehabilitation

  1. He should start some kind of community program and hold Pacman contests to raise funds. It is like doing community service in advance, sort of.

  2. [sarcasm]

    Further proof that Nashville isn’t ready for professional sports. If we were a “real NFL city,” numbers 1 and 2 could happen simultaneously.


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