Shameless vanity post

Shameless vanity post: I must admit that I had somewhat of a Navin R. Johnson moment when I saw this, but the rexblog is #404 on the new Feedster Top 500. I have no idea how a weblog with only seven readers could make such a list but I’d like to commend them on their outstanding scientific methods and want to encourage them to not mess with their approach. I’m sure they’ll be getting plenty of encouragement to do that from 14 million other bloggers.

Update: Jeff hates lists. I do too, except for this swell new one from Feedster. Also, I like his ideas about segmenting blog lists by category. Bottom line: On the newsreader I have sitting on my desktop (I use NetNewsWire), I have a folder called “My A List.” Frankly, it’s the only “top list” that matters to me.

Update II: Jason loves it and says the Feedster list is closing in on his $50,000-in-advertising prize. (Read the comments on his post and you’ll pick up why other believe Jason loves the list.)

Of course, now that my ego is boosted, I have my personal benchmark by which to judge all other lists. If my weblog carried advertising, I’d add $5 in advertising value to Jason’s prize.

(Also, while I’m thinking about it, No Need to Click Here – I’m just claiming my feed at Feedster feedster:6d77696b2c19e4f7eaa351075bd119cf)

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4 thoughts on “Shameless vanity post

  1. Re; those 7 readers. As Spencer Tracy once said about Katharine Hepburn, “Not much meat on her, but what’s there is cherce.”

  2. …and to think I was feeling good when my blog broke into the top 8,000 at TTLB (with both of my readers), sheesh! Congratulations, top 500, that’s terrific!!

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