I can’t believe Steve Gillmor is giving away secrets

I can’t believe Steve Gillmor is giving away secrets: I find most non-residents of the blogosphere perceive it as something that takes up time, rather than saves it. I’ve decided to perpetuate that myth as I’ve come to believe it is a competitive advantage to have others in my line of work continue to slog through information overload and communication chaos while I speed-read through highly organized RSS news feeds, converse via gmail and IM and let bloggers I trust filter out the noise.

So I couldn’t believe it when I saw Steve Gillmor giving away such trade secrets as how he uses blogs & RSS to clear the fog and provide free time:

“Thanks to RSS, I let the Times and Journal feeds accumulate, then throw out the chaff periodically, then throw out the stuff I’ve already been pointed to in the Rojosphere, then throw out the stuff Michael Gartenberg thinks is important, then focus in on anything Jason Calacanis considers a threat to his business, then wash, repeat, and watch Big Brother.

Great, Steve. Keep that up and people will start figuring out why “simple” is RSS’ middle name.

One thought on “I can’t believe Steve Gillmor is giving away secrets

  1. Sh*t, Rex. Sorry. Well, you’ll just have to rely on Scoble to misdirect everybody away from the truth. I love the 1000 items per post as the fix for 1000 posts per idea. Guy’s a born genius.

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