Wall Street Journal on “personal-finance blogs”

Wall Street Journal on “personal-finance blogs”: (free feature) “(They) are still little more than a blip in the blogosphere, but are growing quickly: Technorati estimates there are about 5,000 of them, up 40% from six months ago. Some are written by financial professionals and offer investing tips or advice on financial planning; others provide links to and commentary on financial news; and many are chronicles of the writer’s personal financial triumphs and failures.”

Last word on lists

The Feedster 500 medal/icon has a new look, making it #1 on my list of the Top 500 fastest logo redesigns in history.

Last word on lists: Chris Anderson has a thoughtful post on “headism” and the trap of “hit-centric” thinking, making a case against seeing the world through Top 10, 100, or 500 lists. Each year, I’m amused and amazed at the “mega list” collected by the “other Rex,” Rex Sorgatz: Here’s his 2004 mega list (It includes 550 lists). (It even includes a list of 129 of the latest, greatest gizmos on the planet — compiled by the magazine Chris edits.)

I agree with Chris and Jeff: I like lists that are broken down by category (which reminds me of the joke in which someone asks for a “list of people broken down by sex and age”). I like blogrolls that have headings, like “left-handed bloggers from Tupelo.”

However, as the Feedster Top 500 List is perhaps the only such list I’ll ever make it onto (I think they gave me a “social promotion” or something) I’d appreciate it if people would lay off it. As Technorati doesn’t credit any inbound link to the rexblog made before June, 2004 (long story), this blog would never make it onto any list based on its rankings.

Media Daily News

Media Daily News: Is podcasting an advertising-supported (short announcer-read spots) audio version of its daily news. It’s a “soft launch” that’s not yet being promoted on their website. (Also, you may need to be registered to get to that page.) The approach is an “audible book” format where someone reads the stories.

This is the first time I’ve seen a media website provide an RSS feed for podcasting before it provides an RSS feed for deliverying a text version of the same news. As a fan, I look forward to them adding that feature soon.