Marketing metaphors

Marketing metaphors: Tom Asacker says, “The most pervasive and limiting metaphors in business are the ones that compare customers to territory, targets, fish and eyeballs. We talk and write about “capturing” marketshare and “retaining” customers.” He says a better metaphor is picturing what people expect from you (your brand) as a magnet.

That’s interesting, but I still like the Doc Searls “markets are conversations” metaphor that helped launch a revolution, or is “revolution” the right metaphor?

I can’t find it, but I think Doc also used “dance” as metaphor for marketing. I like that too.

2 thoughts on “Marketing metaphors

  1. Dance is a good metaphor. At a certain level, dance becomes metaphorical narrative – dare we say, conversation – of attraction, rejection, unexpected movement, balance and equilibrium. Or so it says on the brochure…

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