Nugatory experts

Nugatory experts: ClickZ says the new Feedster 500 announced yesterday, “packs dubious value as an evaluation tool for media buyers, according to several agency executives.”

While I’m already on record as saying the Feedster 500 has dubious value (evidence: it ranks the rexblog #404), I’d also like to go on record as saying that I find anything “agency executives” say is also of dubious value as an evaluation tool for anything related to blogging.

That said, please don’t use the inclusion of this weblog on any lists as a reason for not advertising on it. Use, rather, the fact that I don’t have advertising on it as an evaluation tool.

(via: Steve Rubel)

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Marketing metaphors

Marketing metaphors: Tom Asacker says, “The most pervasive and limiting metaphors in business are the ones that compare customers to territory, targets, fish and eyeballs. We talk and write about “capturing” marketshare and “retaining” customers.” He says a better metaphor is picturing what people expect from you (your brand) as a magnet.

That’s interesting, but I still like the Doc Searls “markets are conversations” metaphor that helped launch a revolution, or is “revolution” the right metaphor?

I can’t find it, but I think Doc also used “dance” as metaphor for marketing. I like that too.

Jeff’s Epistle to the Dellations

Jeff’s Epistle to the Dellations: One of the blogosphere’s closely observed angry customer epics has been Jeff Jarvis’ “Dell Hell” thread. Today, Jeff sends a memo to Michael. It appears to be the final word. (For those who care, my household has three Macs and a Dell. It is soon to have an IBM ThinkPad. The Dell & IBM purchases were dictated by academic institutions as part of tuition.)