RSS is underhyped

RSS is underhyped: Since several people are pointing to this post that recaps the “research” revealing that RSS is used by only 11% of bloggers as an indication of it being “overhyped,” I responded to it in a comment there, rather than yet another post here. However, it makes me wonder what the response would be if you asked the users of Skype if they used VOIP? My point is not that one should be “investing in” RSS business schemes, however. No doubt, a tremendous amount of money will be lost on RSS investments (it took a lot of restraint not to add a link to that last comment). My point is that research taking a backward-looking “snapshot” of the awareness of three letters is meaningless in trying to understand how RSS will change the way in which we interact with information and with each other.

4 thoughts on “RSS is underhyped

  1. I was going to post that much of the 89% not using RSS is unaware of its benefits. However, the research even shows about 66% are unaware. Are VC’s activities ever a good measure for what is over/underhyped?

  2. Totally agree, and also the point I made in my own post.
    The same applies to financing: there was not a lot of money made on pure plays implementing TCP/IP stacks, but the implications of TCP/IP as an enabler and derivative money maker were huge.

  3. 89% of the applications that could benefit from RSS aren’t aware of it. From spinning custom feeds to help my daily life go more smoothly, it seems to me RSS is the molecular unit of the internet. Lists of items are the same whether in a web browser, desktop application, or mobile device, the only thing that varies is the presentation layer.

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