Saturday morning happy news

Saturday morning happy news: It’s the weekend. Time to reflect on the important things in life, like news in the New York Times that the prices of big screen TVs “are pretty much in a free fall.” I guess that means if the price of gas keeps going up and we can’t afford to drive anywhere, we can at least afford big screen TVs to watch while we’re stuck at home.

Interesting quote:

“When it comes to $2,000 TV-purchasing decisions, surveys show men control the purse strings.”

Obviously there was a typo in that sentence as apparently the reporter left out a couple of words. I’m assuming the sentence should have read, “When it comes to $2,000 TV-purchasing decisions, surveys show men pretend they control the purse strings.”

2 thoughts on “Saturday morning happy news

  1. That is simply not true. In my house, when there isn’t something on HGTV, Lifetime, or QVC that my wife doesn’t want to watch, I GET TO HOLD THE REMOTE!

  2. I wondered why our couch seems so small, now i know – phil’s and his wife are on the other end, and his wife and mine are choosing the channels.

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