Hustle & Flow

Hustle & Flow: It took me until the movie is almost out of theatrical release to follow my movie maven’s recommendation to see Hustle & Flow, but I did and I must say, for the reasons my maven said I’d find it intriguing, I did. On one level, it’s merely a rap Rocky — a bit formulaic. And its “heroes” have made many of the worst choices our society offers — and the movie offers no explicit judgement on those choices. And it is wall-to-wall profane and there are moments of disgust. Yet stripped of its veneer, it is a story of hope, triumph and in the strangest of ways, the value of family (as opposed to “family values”). As always, I encourage anyone reading a movie review of mine to not interpret it as a recommendation to see the film. In fact, I discourage you from seeing Hustle & Flow unless you can see past what’s taking place on the screen and understand what’s taking place in the lives of the characters.