Gaggle of Google stuff

Gaggle of Google stuff: There is a Google tool bar someone other than me can use on a Mac (Firefox), but there’s not a Mac version of the Google desktop tool. For some reason, I don’t feel left out.

And buried in this NY Times story is news that Google will launch a “communications tool” on Wednesday — likely suspect: IM.


Google executives say they plan to unveil on Wednesday a “communications tool” that is potentially a clear step beyond the company’s search-related business focus. While executives would not disclose what the new software tool might be, Google has long been expected to introduce an instant messaging service to compete with services offered by America Online, Yahoo and MSN from Microsoft.

Also, on a related note, Steve Rubel points to this hack that turns gmail into an RSS reader. (Why you’d want to do that, I have no idea — I have my gmail account fed to Netnewswire.)

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