3 thoughts on “Miss Pacman, no more

  1. Oh you’ve already started apologizing for him. Look at the way you’re writing: “a contract holdout kept him on the sidelines…”

    Give me a break. Maybe you meant to say, “His lawyer and his agent tackled him and forcibly refused to let him sign a contract because it wasn’t going to pay them enough. Pacman, he would have played for $50K. That guy just loves football.”

    Hahahahaha. I’ve gotten a little jaded about all the money in pro sports. Can you tell?

  2. Not so quick. I was just quoting the news-story I linked to, Laura. I won’t start apologizing for him until after he pulls down a couple of interceptions, preferably some thrown by Peyton Manning. At that point, I’ll get me one of those #32 jerseys and start wearing it to work on Fridays before home games.

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