Google talk

Google talk: Om Malik has a theory about rumors regarding Google introducing an instant messaging client. If Om is correct, Google will use Jabber technology which will enable its users to have voice conversations with users of AOL IM and Apple’s iChat.

My dream “communications tool” would allow me to use iChat’s awesome IM-based video conferencing feature with someone on a Windows platform (without using a third-party host). Anyone know of any workable hacks in that department?

2 thoughts on “Google talk

  1. You can use iChat’s video confrencing features with Windows AIM users, right out of the “box”. I did it yesterday in fact. The latest version of AIM for Windows supports video chat. It did a pretty decent job at it too.

  2. Thanks for the info, Jon. I’ll try that out with some in-house Windows users and will report back on my trial.

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