Google talked up

Google talked up: Well, the rumors were correct, Google Talk is, indeed, an IM tool. But unlike when Google Maps were introduced, there’s not not much there there. Especially if you’re a Mac user. Even if there were something other than a Windows version, Google Talk is no iChat. Not by a long shot.

I’m with Staci, who rhetorically asks and then answers the question lots of people will be asking on Wednesday:

“Why is this such a big deal? In part, because of “Google Syndrome” — until the company flames out with a new service, each major launch will be treated like a potential second coming. Add in the magic acronyms VoIP and IM and you get the picture.

I’m sure this is merely a “first step” for Google in the “IM” arena.

Advertisers as “content producers”

Advertisers as “content producers”: profiles two “niche” cable networks that are, “finding marketing bucks in one of advertising’s hottest trends: turning the advertiser into content producer.” The networks profiled are The Sundance Channel and The Independent Film Channel, not QVC, HSN.

Transparency: I must confess that I believe it’s a real dandy thing whenever custom media is described as one of “advertising’s hottest trends.”

Back in the day

Back in the day: If goes away, where will I learn cool things like my friend Jon Lehman is becoming an academic big-wig.


Jon Lehman, co-founder of radiological services company Inphact, has been named head of the health care MBA program just launched at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management. Currently an adjunct professor of health care information technology strategy, Lehman assumes his new post September 1 and will continue his research and teaching.

A long time ago, Jon and I made a presentation together so many times that, for fun, we started swapping parts with each other — on the fly.