Nashville Post suspends publishing next week

Nashville Post suspends publishing next week: Subscribers (paid) to just received this e-mail announcement:

“Publishing on will be suspended beginning August 31 as we study plans to rework the website. We are hopeful that our efforts result in a more editorially robust product that offers even greater value to our subscribers. This review is expected to last a few weeks.

We will inform you as soon as a new plan is adopted for If this review leads to a new and improved business news service, we will be eager to welcome back our subscribers to the revamped site. In the event we decide to discontinue, we will stand ready to offer pro-rata reimbursements to our subscribers.

We regret what we hope proves to be just a temporary halt in publishing, but we think it is in the best interest of the site to complete the planning process in as thorough a manner as possible.

While planning for a restructured site began several months ago, Editor David A. Fox subsequently has announced that he will be leaving the publication at the end of the month to open in Nashville a Southeast U.S. office for Titan Advisors LLC, a hedge fund advisory firm led by his brother George Fox in New York.

Until then, will continue publishing breaking news on business and politics. We thank you for your support since the site began in January 2000 and ask for your patience as we chart its next step.”

Brittney interviews me

Brittney interviews me: Brittney has posted an interview with me on Nashville is Talking. (I couldn’t refuse lunch as Channel 2 was paying.) In it, she gets me to admit to a long-ago job I purged from my resumé at least two decades ago. Oh, well.

Also, in the interview, I drop lots of famous people’s names like George Bush and Dave Winer. In the interview, I also referred to Dave Winer as my friend, but then recalled later that he told me once that people who use that word “friend” freely often prove not to be.

I’ll always be Dave’s fan, however.
By the way, I didn’t actually say Dave & I have personalities as different as sun and rain. I think Dave has quite a sunny personality. It just takes some people a little time to figure that out. Also, I think my personality can be stormy at times — I just hide it better.

(Also, as a clarification. Nothing was “lost” permanently about my weblog — just a temporary technical glitch.)

Magazine publisher is a Martha Apprentice candidate

Magazine publisher is a Martha Apprentice candidate: Sorry, I’m not Apprentice-savvy, so I’m assuming they use just first names of cast-members. However, it’s not a mystery to me who “Dawna” of St. Petersburg is. A rexblog search reveals that Dawna Stone is the creator and publisher of Her Sports Magazine. She sounds abundantly qualified to be Martha’s business apprentice — as do the others — however, I’m thinking she should select Jennifer of Los Angeles: Jennifer, 32, handles 20-30 cases daily as a prosecutor in Orange County.