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More on As I blogged last night, the sent out an e-mail to subscribers that it is ceasing suspending publication next week. This morning, Liz Garrigan has more detail in the Scene’s Desperately Seeking the News column.


David A. Fox, who in January 2000 co-founded the online news service and more recently rebranded a local monthly business magazine into the statewide Business Tennessee, is leaving the company at the end of this month to head an asset management office in Nashville.

The website is being “re-valuated” and may be shelved, according to the article. The magazine Business TN will continue publication.

Updated: To clarify that the announcement stated the website is suspending publication, not ceasing.

Update II: This morning, editor David Fox sent the following e-mail to “subscribers and readers”:

Dear subscribers and advertisers:

I want to thank you for the support you have given me and the website over the past six years. Creating with Bill Carey and Townes Duncan has been the most gratifying work of my career.

It was a terrific windfall to discover from the start how the online medium created a much closer bond with readers than we had found possible in print. Those relationships were largely responsible for our ability to find the important info that fed our online traffic.

I hope to maintain the many friendships I have been fortunate to make as editor of As you probably know, I am returning to my background in the financial world and to my brother George’s hedge fund advisory firm, where I performed manager due diligence for three years before starting Over the past 14 years, he has established a significant advisory firm in New York that capitalizes in part on his long-term relationships with some of the world’s most highly regarded fund managers. I am looking forward to opening a Nashville office for Titan Advisors and to personally introducing some of this asset management talent to investors here.

Again, I deeply appreciate your key role in making an editorial success. I’ve been honored to capture some of your valuable time each day and I am hopeful that we will remain in touch.


David A. Fox

Good luck, David.