Magical software

Magical software: For you Tiger OS Xers (OS X Tigers?), here’s a gee-whiz thing I just discovered because I live with a 14-year-old. Add the Sing That iTune widget to your Dashboard. Then go to iTunes and under the radio tab, start streaming RCN 9412. Then, open the dashboard and be amazed when the lyrics of any song playing magically appear. (It works with any iTunes song where it can track down lyrics, however, it’s rather magical to see it work with a radio stream.) Also, how the 14-year-old became a classic rock fan, I’ll never know.

On a related note, while not nearly as cool as a widget that automagically looks up Lynard Skynard lyrics, Khoi Vinh today discovered a cool thing to do with a couple of Macs on a train.

Here she comes, Miss America?

Here she comes, Miss America? Remember that rumor about the Miss America pageant moving to Nashville. Well, it’s leaving Atlantic City and because it is now being broadcast by CMT, some speculate that Nashville may become its home. I think, also, that our fair city has an edge due to the number of hair dressers it has who are experienced in doing big hair.

If CMT were still owned by Gaylord, I could see it happening — a nexus of travel, tourism and media interests all focused on the right market demographic. However, Miss America is deep in debt and will be looking for a major bailout from any new hometown. And, frankly, CMT is a New York-based business, not a Nashville one. I doubt we’ll be hearing Nashville city officials and the Chamber of Commerce, in the midst of a referendum vote in which citizens are being encouraged to pass a tax increase to support education, making any announcements related to tax-breaks, incentives or subsidies being handed out to the Miss America Pageant.

By the way, does Bert Parks still host the pageant?

But, then, I’ve been wrong before.