Katrina headline writers prepping: “Katastrophe” “Kategory 5”

Katrina headline writers prepping: “Katastrophe” “Kategory 5”: Weather.com is reporting that Katrina is the “4th strongest” Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.


Hurricane Katrina is an extremely dangerous Category 5 storm on the
Saffir-Simpson scale. Maximum sustained winds are at 175 mph. Katrina
continues not only grow stronger, but it continues to grow larger.
Hurricane-force winds extend 90 miles from the center on the eastern
side of Katrina, 75 miles to the northwest and 50 miles to the
southwest. Sustained tropical storm force winds are not far from the
Gulf Coast and should move in later this afternoon….

Effects from Katrina will not be confined to coastal areas. Once
Hurricane Katrina makes landfall, it will progress inland Monday into
Tuesday with a trail of flooding rains and damaging winds across
Mississippi and Alabama and then into Tennessee.

Update: Katrina targeting U.S. oil operations: This is either a lot of “crying wolf” or we’re going to paying a lot for a gallon of gas in the coming weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Katrina headline writers prepping: “Katastrophe” “Kategory 5”

  1. The expected path up through Tennessee puts Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee on the hardest-hitting side of the spin. It won’t be close to what could happen to NOLA but things could be very messy here in the next 72 hours.

  2. I’m expecting gasoline to climb quite a bit in the next 48 hours. I’ll be filling up first thing in the morning, before the prices rise after the market tomorrow. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Labor Day increase was coming in a few days.

  3. Cost of just about everything should rise and stay up for some time. Building supplies (buy stock in Lowe’s, Home Depot and YellaWood?), catfish (they farm a lot of them down there), produce (diesel up, as well as interrupted supplies and the end of summer), air travel, just to name a few. I fueled up at a superkroger outside nashville, that was charging $2.49 pg, $2.46 with your kroger card. Mapco in the same general area was $2.53. Just for the record.

  4. From Miles O’Brien’s blog on CNN.com

    [Among our guests on “American Morning” is] Ted Falgout, port director, port of Fourchon — a key oil and gas hub 60 miles south of New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico. The focus: How will the storm impact oil/gas prices and infrastructure?

    Here is what he told us: At the end of the day, our port will make up 16 to 18 percent of the nation’s oil supply, which is extremely significant and dead center of where the storm will hit.

    The storm will impact oil and gas infrastructure, not just short term but long term as well. The impact of the storm — the Gulf is shut down; all of the area of the storm is shut down; a half billion dollars a day of oil and gas is unavailable.

    If there is serious infrastructure damage, the price of oil could easily get to $100 a barrel within a week. I testified last week in front of Congress. Our energy system is in serious trouble.

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