“Eye” witness

“Eye” witness: The Sun Herald (Biloxi, Miss. [pronounced “buh-LUX-ee”]) has set up a Katrina weblog from an area that got the brunt of the storm. (One of the “hosts” has apparently misspelled his last name “Hammack.”)

Update: Also, Dancing with Katrina weblog, from some recent journalism graduates working at the Sun Herald. (via: Dave Winer)

(via: Shawn, who I anticipate will start blogging the storm when it reaches Jackson in a few hours.)

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10 thoughts on ““Eye” witness

  1. They sent us home at 11 a.m. The wind is awful here. I’ve never seen it blow like this in Jackson, that’s for sure!

  2. Oh – and thanks for giving the newscasters a pronunciation lesson. (And it’s not Gulf-Port it’s pronounced Gufport. And you don’t say Wave-Land, you say wavelund, real fast.) 😉

  3. I second the need for the pronounciation guides. It’s ridiculous.

    Now if someone would explain to me why we here in TN pronounce “Maury” County as “Murray” County, we’ll all be ahead.

  4. Laura, it’s for the same reason that LaFAYette is in Tennessee and LafayETTE is or was in Louisiana

  5. I don’t buy it. With Lafayette, it’s a matter of moving the accent mark. With Maury/Murray, it’s more like we can’t read.

  6. Here are two “theme” town names with unique home-grown pronunciations to add to your list: Lebanon (Leb-none), Tenn. and Arab (AEY-rab, rhymes with HEY-rab), Ala.

  7. Marianna, FL (just a stone’s throw acorss the Alabama state line) is pronounced MAY-ree-anna by anyone who knows better.

  8. and on a sort-of related topic: my favorite Alabama town to hear people try pronounce for the first time is Oneonta (ah nee AH na) with a silent “t”

  9. We are living in Colorado but still have a home there. Does anyone have any information on the Biloxi area specifically. I’m trying to narrow in on our residential area.

    Please help if you can

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