WKRN’s ROI on investing in the Nashville blogosphere

WKRN’s ROI on investing in the Nashville blogosphere: The WKRN weather bloggers at NashvilleWX.com are displaying how blogging is different than reporting. For example, Justin Bruce, who’s been to most Nashville blogger meetups I’ve attended has posted details of the devastion some of his Lousiana relatives have experienced.

WKRN isn’t merely using a blogging platform to format news “content” (which I would applaud even if that were all they were doing), but they are using their blogs to help do away with the concept of “on-air-personality” and to replace it with, what?, on-air human beings — The station manager is even jumping onto the weather blog to let us know when one of them has to go home to get some sleep, when one of them gets sick.

The station has spent months inviting Nashville bloggers to the station (and even giving them and their kids air time. They’ve come to wherever bloggers find themselves together. They not only talk-the-talk but walk-the-walk. In short, they’ve earned “street cred” with a community of bloggers who, when we find ourselves in the midst of breaking news, will not only blog it ourselves as citizen journalists, but will gladly volunteer to be citizen stringers to help the station get the news out.

Bottomline: You can’t wait until the big news happens to put together this type of strategy.