Andrew Jackson’s volunteers

Andrew Jackson’s volunteers: I live in Nashville a couple hundred yards from the trail Andrew Jackson started down as he led his volunteers to New Orleans to defend that city 190 years ago. When I read the quote, understandably said in the midst of great grief and disbelief, from a former mayor of New Orleans, who fears, “We lost our city,” I can’t help but think of the Tennesseans who to this day are knowns as “volunteers” because they voluntarily risked (and gave) their lives to defend New Orleans. Tennesseans — and the rest of the nation — are not going to allow New Orleans to be lost. Defending her is a part of our heritage. It’s a part of who we are.

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4 thoughts on “Andrew Jackson’s volunteers

  1. The photos of the damage are simply jaw-dropping. There are a lot of things in this world we cannot control in the least.

  2. My ancestor was one of those Tennesseans who fought and died in the Battle of New Orleans. The city certainly has a storied past. Here is one more to add to the history books. May we finish writing this chapter in a manner worthy of those courageous and outnumbered volunteers who fought against General Packenham on the plains of Chalmette.

  3. and now the mayor just said that the army corps of engineer’s attenpts to fill the breach in the levee with 3,000 pound sand bags isn’t working and fears the water level will rise to three feet above sea level. that would be the “worst case” scenario they had been warning of that we thought had been dodged a day ago. in other news, the johnny cash american red cross comercial is very moving.

  4. okay, time to figure out how to turn on the red underline spell check feature on a new Mac.

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