The Times-Picayune survives as a blog

The Times-Picayune survives as a blog: From Doc Searls: “When the Times-Picayune had to leave the building, and failed to circulate its print edition on the streets of New Orleans, they went on the Web, much as many residents of New Orleans went up on their roofs. Now the T-P survives as a blog.”

Observation: The time has come to officially end all “blog vs. traditional media” debates. It’s the story that matters. It’s the lives that matter. It’s whatever it takes to get the word out that matters. I’m sorry it has to come down to life and death for some folks to get this.

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All clear

All clear: Feeling grateful this morning — especially in light of the devastation elsewhere. Nashville is very fortunate. A month without significant rainfall apparently helped the ground soak up all the rain the remants of Katrina could pour on us over night. The drive into work revealed no major storm damage along Harding Road. Our power didn’t even blink during the night (kudos to those NES crews who spent much of spring pruning).

Ironically, once I made it into the office, I discovered the carpet had been cleaned last night and the cleaning crew placed several drying fans around. The brand of the fans is “Mytee Windstorm.”