A welcomed post

A welcomed post: Jackson, Miss., blogger Shawn Lea — one of the most prolific bloggers I know who has become a friend of mine via the blogosphere — has been alarmingly quiet for two days, since making a post about Katrina approaching Jackson and a tree falling on her house. I haven’t heard from her via e-mail or blog post, so this is very welcomed news. No power or phone at her home so her family is in a hotel (with Internet access and air conditioning). As her job involves coordinating with hospitals responding to the disaster, she’ll be blogging lightly in the coming weeks. However, she’s already made a few posts regarding response efforts. Glad you’re safe, Shawn.

Also, on a personal note: Thanks to those who have asked about my brothers and mother, all whom live in the Mobile, Ala., area. Everyone is safe, high and dry.

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  1. Hi, Rex. I did e-mail you before I posted that – I hope you got it. My husband said I needed to let my blogger friends know as soon as I could that I was alive – because he knew that y’all would assume if I wasn’t blogging, I must be in the hospital or dead! 😉 Thanks again for your support and concern. It means a lot to me.

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