Insurgency: (From Reuters) “New Orleans’ mayor issued an urgent plea for relief of his flooded city on Thursday as gunshots and looting hampered the evacuation of desperate crowds trying to escape Hurricane Katrina’s destruction.”

Observation: This sounds like those apocalyptic predictions of what would occur after Y2K. In reality, I feel certain the stories of selfless “pulling-together” are far more prevalent than looting. Yet to hear that evacuation and relief efforts can’t take place due to gunfire is beyond my understanding.

One thought on “Insurgency

  1. I can’t find the original citation for the aphorism “Civilization is only three meals away from anarchy,” but it seems to apply here. Heck, all the Kroger stores that sell gas here were empty yesterday because the price was zooming and the spectre of empty tanks looming. How many times worse is the situation there? The stories coming out of the shelters paint a picture of criminal failure to plan for responding to something that has been warned of for decades.

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