Two Mississippi natives respond

Two Mississippi natives respond: Brete Favre and Steve McNair (I’ll be seeing them both in a pre-season game in about 90 minutes) have arranged a tractor-trailer filled with supplies for hurricane victims in their homestate of Mississippi.


“McNair is offering to swap an autographed photo in exchange for a minimum donation of $100 to his foundation. Those funds will be distributed to victims in rural Mississippi. Meanwhile, Favre’s foundation is shipping supplies to Mississippi via a prop jet donated by Wisconsin Aviation. The foundation’s Web site says Favre’s wife, Deanna, will disperse any money and items donated to the appropriate organizations helping hurricane victims in Mississippi.

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  1. I think Hastert’s quotes have been taken out of context, but, in context he’s right: lots of the place will have to be bulldozed…and a lot of consideration will need to go into how the city is rebuilt. Likewise, I have no doubt San Francisco and LA will be rebuilt when their times come as well, but we (or our children or grandchildren) will be wondering why on earth a city would be built on a spot where an earthquake will one day turn it into rubble. And, chances are, whoever is president at the time will get blamed.

  2. I think Hastert has really gotten a raw deal here. He just said what lots of others have all thought — maybe his timing was off but it’s worth considering.

    Of course, no matter what happens to the land that is currently New Orleans, the port and the shipping that happens at it will have to be rebuilt asap — the MS River is too important to our commerce nationwide not to.

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