Titans respond

Titans respond: In addition to the news I blogged earlier about Steve McNair joining Brete Favre in sending a semi-truck full of supplies to their home state of Mississippi, it appears Titans and other NFL teams and players are gearing up for major fundraising efforts. At the pre-season game I attended tonight, there were jumbogtron PSAs of NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue urging Red Cross contributions for Katrina relief. Also, the NFL announced it was contributing $1 million to the Red Cross hurricane-relief fund and Falcons running back and Louisiana native Warrick Dunn is putting together a drive to get all NFL players (except those on the Saints) to contribute $5,000 each for hurricane relief efforts (if all do, that’s over $8 million).

Titans Radio announced tonight that this weekend on its website, it will be conducting a hurricane relief fundraising auction that will include items like dinner with Jeff Fisher and the chance to travel to an away game with the radio team. Also, many country music stars are adding items to the auction. I’ll link to it when their website adds the auction page.

My daughter didn’t attend the game but watched some of it on TV. She said a fan was interviewed who brought to the game six Katrina evacuees who are staying in Nashville.

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  1. Mississippi needs emergency help to thousands of rural residents!!! We are receiving contact from many communities that were left to die. But all we hear about is New Orleans. Please don’t forget Mississippi!!!!

    Maybe the government will listen to Bret and Steve…..we need them to make some noise and get someone to hear them. We need action right now to help to southern Mississippi.

    I am in Wisconsin and am begging you…please do something to help the elderly, disabled and those still stuck in the water 10- 20 miles from the coast….please don’t let them be forgotton.

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